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MYCHART UPDATE- Instructions

Whether you are a currently a member or just browsing to see what is available, you can find out more about the plans and options available at MercyCare Health Plans.

If you are an employer looking to purchase health care coverage for yourself and your employees, please call (800) 895-2421 and a sales representative will be happy to assist you.

New Mercyhealth Rockford Hospital Update

2019 Qualified Health Plans (QHP)

2018 Qualified Health Plans (QHP)

What types of plans do we offer?

  • HMO plans (Health Maintenance Organization) – Our HMO plan includes Mercyhealth providers and contracted providers. Please see map for details:  HMO Map
    • Contracted providers: MercyCare contracts with Fort Healthcare, Watertown Regional Medical Center and others to provide healthcare to our members
  • EPO plans (Exclusive Provider Option) – Our EPO plan contracts exclusively with Mercyhealth providers, helping you save on your premiums.  Please see map for details: EPO Map
  • PPO plans (Preferred Provider Option) – PPO plans have two levels of care:
    • In-network providers – Mercyhealth & Firsthealth
    • Out-of-network coverage for providers outside of that network
      • *Staying in-network can save you on deductibles and co-insurance costs.
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)– These plans use our HMO network and give members the opportunity to put money aside in a specific health savings account to help cover future medical expenses.

Certificates of Coverage

Large Group and Non-Qualified Health Plans (QHP)

Individual Health Plans

WI-Small Group Qualified Health Plans (QHP)

IL-Small Group Qualified Health Plans (QHP)

For more information on any of these plans, please call (800) 895-2421.

Determining which MercyCare plans are available in your area will depend on where your business is domiciled*. MercyCare Health Plans’ service area includes four Wisconsin counties: Green, Jefferson, Rock and Walworth and two Illinois counties: Boone and Winnebago. MercyCare has created many plans for those employers and businesses in both Wisconsin and Illinois.

*Domiciled is defined as a business’s fixed, permanent and principal home for legal purposes.