Diabetes program

MercyCare’s diabetes care program is a partnership between you and your health care team to improve early identification, care and slowing the progression of diabetes in our members. With additional support from our nurse case manager, you can begin to take steps toward better health.

How MercyCare can help:

  • Help you decide what changes you are most ready for so that you can begin to take small manageable steps toward better health
  • Provide you with specific educational materials and self-care tools
  • Send reminders for labs and other condition-related services
  • Connect you to resources within Mercy Health System and the community
  • Coordinate care between the doctor, dietician and other team members involved in your care

Who is eligible?

  • The diabetes program is available at no cost to all MeryCare members with diabetes and is designed to help you better understand and manage your condition.

ADA: Standard of care