MercyCare is committed to helping our members reduce their risk of heart disease.

Talking to your health care provider about assessing risk factors and gradually making lifestyle changes will positively impact your health.

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Please remember this information is to help you understand your disease. Consult your doctor regarding any questions or concerns you have about your disease.

Healthy pregnancy and birth information

MercyCare is committed to helping our members achieve a healthy birth outcome. See your healthcare provider if you know you are pregnant and follow their recommendations throughout your pregnancy. 

  • MercyCare’s Healthy Babies is offered to pregnant MercyCare Medicaid members who enroll before their 16th week of pregnancy.  In the program, you work with your OB provider to ensure that you have the best possible pregnancy experience and a healthy baby.  Please call (608) 314-3582 or email to sign up for this program.

 It is important to return to your doctor within six weeks after your childbirth for a postpartum check up.

If you have asthma or diabetes, refer to MercyCare’s case management programs or your doctor.