**Before you move forward, please determine if you have a P1 or P2/P3 network**


  • Level 1- Mercyhealth Physicians-HMO Network (HMO-W1)
    • Select HMO- W1 or I2 for these providers
  • Level 2- Any provider not in Level 1


Click here for the First Health Provider network (PPO- P2/P3) 

MercyCare and First Health providers are all in-network providers.
Level 1 coverage excludes the following health systems:
• Aurora Health Care
• Beloit Health System
• SSM Health (formerly Dean Health System/St. Mary’s Hospital/ Monroe Clinic)
• OSF Healthcare System
• Swedish American Health System

A Level 2 provider is anyone who is not listed in the MercyCare directory,
on the First Health website or the excluded providers above.