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Teacher Helping Pupils Studying At Desks In ClassroomMercyCare’s local customer service and sales staff are here where you work and live, to provide the answers to your health care questions. Call (800) 895-2421 today.

Health, wellness and preventive care

ThinkstockPhotos-178082111MercyCare staff is certified in disease and case management to help members manage chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and chronic kidney disease. For more information click here.

In fact, MercyCare has received a multitude of recognitions including our diabetes case management program receiving national recognition for working to improve individual health outcomes.

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Customer Service

For questions about your health plan benefits or to speak to a customer service, please call MercyCare at (800) 895-2421, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
580 N. Washington St, Janesville, WI 53548