Smoking Cessation

American Lung Association-Freedom From Smoking

MercyCare Health Plan has partnered with the American Lung Association to bring members Freedom from Smoking ® at no cost. Freedom from Smoking ® is a program designed by American Lung Association for adults who want to quit smoking. The program teaches skills and techniques that are proven to help smokers quit. These skills are taught in sections over several weeks. Below are brief descriptions of what is taught in each section.

Section 1: Committing to Quit- learn the benefits of quitting and explore your reasons for quitting

Section 2: Exploring your Smoking Addiction- a focus on the mental, social, and physical aspects of addiction

Section 3: Getting Ready to Quit-learn about making a quit plan and getting support from others

Section 4: Your Quit Day-what to do if you have a craving and how to reward yourself for quitting tobacco

Section 5: Staying Quit. The First Two Weeks-coping with the physical, mental and social challenges of quitting

Section 6: Recovering from Slips and Relapse-what to do if you slip and have a cigarette or if you relapse and start smoking again

Section 7: Living Life as a Nonsmoker-how to use to long-term strategies to stay smoke free

Freedom from Smoking can be completed over the phone with a professional trained to help you quit smoking or online.

Online option: You will go through 7 self-paced modules. You will have access to a chat room, web links, and many other resources. To enroll call MercyCare customer service at (800) 895-2421 to receive your online access code.

Telephone option: You will work a trained tobacco cessation counselor to develop a quit plan. This option typically includes 8 calls, but you can call as many times as you need. This option also includes a workbook. To Enroll, call the American Lung Association helpline at (800) 586-4872. Identify yourself as a Mercy Health Plans member and provider your member ID number found on your insurance card.


Wisconsin tobacco Quitline 

800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669)

The quit lines is free, sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Your quit coach can hook you up with:

  1. Free coaching
  2. free medication
  3. access to a web forum